VR Sex Doll

Game Play and Features

VR Fuck Dolls is a unique experience and is the official sex simulator for VR devices. Just like most VR simulators you can build and customize your perfect dream girl. Choose from thousands and beautifully designed models or completely build a unique girl that you can control. Live out your deepest and darkest secrets in this full 4k VR simulator. Reach out and feel your fuck doll as if she was right in front of you. Customize her tits, ass and pussy or add on items such as tattoos and piercing. We strive to create the most realistic VR porn game on the market and only use the best VR gaming engines to make this an unforgettable experience.

More VR Features

  1. Fully customize your fuck doll
  2. Interactive and updated environments
  3. Sexual Achievments
  4. Collectable VR compatible cards
  5. Over 100 different sex positions

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode has been one of our most popular features. Join in realistic VR orgies with your fuck doll or swing with other real players around the world. VIP membership is required to play online with other players.